Hi, I’m Susan. I live on the east coast not far from Chef Kess. After eating his food at a recent event, I decided I needed to make some changes, mostly because the food was delicious, but more importantly because I am obese and have diabetes and high blood pressure.

I have tried many fad diets and know that I need to make permanent changes to my eating habits if I want to live. As a good friend of mine once said, “How many old, fat people do you know?” I admit, that hurt, but it drove the point home: you don’t see many obese older people because the body cannot survive but for so long in that condition.

So here I am.

After contacting Chef Kess and asking if he could help me, we came up with this solution: as of Sept 1st, I would document my journey into the vegan life. We’ll try it for 8 weeks and see what, if any changes occur. If I responded positively to the results, I will incorporate it into my daily habits. I admit to being a carnivore, so it won’t be easy. But Chef Kess made it easier by advising me to slowly segue into it. So what I decided to do was to eat several small meals daily, with only ONE including a meat dish. In time, I’ll TRY to lessen the meat portion so that by the end of the 8 weeks my diet will be totally meatless.

Not sure where this story will end, but I’ll document it every day and send to Chef Kess, and he’ll put it here…on this digital diary.

Here’s to hoping it all works.

Susan B.


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