…and busier than ever!

Turns out, I’ve been to Weston, FL as a featured chef at an exclusive resort. While I was there, I got a great opportunity to prepare a specialized dish for a major ‘mover and shaker’ which could result in a wonderful opportunity as I move forward in my career. (Will keep you posted as progress is made.)

I’ve also been ‘mad busy’ on the upcoming holiday season. Several folks have placed orders already to share with family and friends. (See my Facebook page for more on what’s available.)

…and then there’s my upcoming TV interview, which takes place on Tues the 19th at noon. If you’re able, please watch me (and my delectable dishes) on Philadelphia’s “Talk Philly” program, CBS affiliate channel 3. Again, that’s Tuesday at noon.”

My “This Too Is Vegan” campaign has garnered much interest among traditional foodies. It’s amazing how many THOUGHT vegan (or vegetarian) was non fulfilling – until they were privy to trying my creative dishes. Lately I’ve incorporated a vegan crabcake into my arsenal of culinary dishes, and the results are AMAZING!!!

Vegan Crabcake

Vegan crab cake — BIG HIT!

It gives me great pleasure to know that I have opened the minds of some who could benefit from a vegan lifestyle.

That’s NOT all…but that IS it for now. Gotta run. Lots to do.

I’m Chef KESS

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