National Vegan Month brings vegan holiday dishes
By Philadelphia celebrity vegan Chef KESS

‘With more vegans now than ever, holiday planning must offer more options,”
says Chef KESS

PHILADELPHIA, PA (Nov 1, 2013) – With the holidays fast approaching, Philadelphia-based celebrity vegan Chef KESS (nee Kurt E. Smith) will emphasize vegan dishes that will give every member of the family delectable options at mealtime.

“With more and more individuals thinking of going vegan,” says Chef KESS, “it’s important to share vegan meals that can substitute for the traditional meal usually offered during holiday dinners.”
Such meals include ‘vegan’ turkey dinners (with all the trimmings), as well as baked ham, well-prepared steak, pasta dishes, and the like.

In the midst of his national “This Too Is Vegan” campaign, which began during October’s National Vegetarian Month, Chef KESS will continue to offer methods on how to— safely and reasonably—segue from a meat-filled diet to a vegetarian-based or vegan diet.

The “This Too Is Vegan” campaign is so named as a tongue-in-cheek response to those who claim that a plant-based diet is unappealing. But the celebrity chef says that “no meal is appealing if not prepared properly…which is why it’s important to learn proper technique.”

A practicing vegan since he was a child, Chef KESS prepared his first meal at age eight. He’s been in demand ever since. In fact, he’s prepared dishes for the likes of rap mogul Russell Simmons, the PETA organization, neo-soul artist Erykah Badu, best-selling author John Robbins, and several other noted individuals, and shows no signs of stopping.

“With more people interested in changing their dietary habits, and the added pressure of maintaining steadfastness during the holidays, we want them to succeed by having viable options. In this way they can be pleased that they did not have to compromise on their vegan lifestyle.”


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