The ordeal of Robin Quivers

Robin Quivers, sidekick and second banana to shock jock Howard Stern, recently appeared on the Dr Oz Show. If you got the chance to see the segment, no doubt, you felt like I did: there were certain revelations that struck me personally because Robin is a full-fledged vegan and has been for the past few years.

Robin introduced her new book, “The Vegucation of Robin,” a journal of her current lifestyle in veganism.

the vegucation of robin

The interview was a slam dunk! But the one thing that stood out, for me, was what Dr. Oz stated. He said that it was likely that Robin survived the cancerous ordeal because she had prepared her body to fight it when she improved her dietary habits, namely, once she became a vegan! In other words: she had prepared her body to be proactive by implementing her vegan diet even before the cancer appeared.

Naturally, that impressed upon me the importance of proaction as opposed to reaction. I hope it impresses that need among all of us.

You can get a view of Robin’s book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It’s a great read. I really am enjoying it…I’m sure you will, too.

I’m Chef KESS

Twitter: @veganchefkess


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