Pro-vegan does NOT mean anti-fruit

I received an email recently from a man I’ll call “Walter.” In the email, Walter asked why I was anti-fruit when studies show that daily intake of fruits, along with vegetables, showed the ultimate benefit to humans.

I was taken aback by the question because I am NOT anti-fruit in any sense. In fact, I eat quite a lot of fruits myself. I guess the question is raised because I DO emphasize plant-based diets an awful lot…but only because I AM A VEGAN! It’s no more unusual for me to emphasize that which I believe in as it would be for BMW to showcase ONLY  its own cars, or Johnson & Johnson to advertise ONLY J&J products. Get me?

To be clear, “Walter,” certain studies show that fruits and vegetables, along with dairy products and meats are recommended. But as a vegan, I cannot promote something that conflicts with veganism. So…yes, fruits are great, as are nuts and other non-veggies. It is, therefore, each person’s responsibility to do their own research and implement what’s necessary for their particular dietary needs. However, if someone claims to be vegan, that would insist on a plant-based diet.

Great question, “Walter.” Keep ’em coming, everyone!

I’m Chef KESS

Twitter: @veganchefkess


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