A lesson from Mr. Bill Clinton

First, I must state that this is NOT a political post (not in the least). However, I was truly impressed with an article I read recently in a journal regarding the past president’s new dietary lifestyle. Yes, former president Bill Clinton has gone vegan.

I guess I’m taken aback because of all those pictures of the (then-) president on his daily jogs…to a famous fast food joint, of all places.

clinton at mcdonalds                           clinton at mcdonalds1
To be clear, this is NO slam on Mr. Clinton – or fast food for that matter. My point is this: if the former President of the United States, a man who has arguably the best healthcare plan on the planet, finds the need to make drastic changes to his diet (due to emergency quadruple-bypass surgery caused by poor eating habits), are the rest of us too far behind if we don’t follow suit?

I’m not assuming that your eating habits are ANYTHING like Mr. Clinton’s. But I AM urging you to consider what those eating habits are – and make adjustments accordingly. In fact, if you’d like to read all about the amazing changes in Mr. Clinton’s diet, read the latest issue of AARP. It’s truly a great piece.

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