A great way to segue: Become a weekend vegan

As with “Susan” (see her story above), several people have asked how to segue into a vegan lifestyle. One of the things that concern me with most people is that they tend to give up when things don’t go their way. So I try to figure out different ways to help them to STAY in the vegan mode…or at least (in this case) segue SLOWLY into veganism.

Because this is Vegetarian Month, one of the things that I suggest is to transform from the traditional meat-filled diet to vegetarian. Once you’re comfortable with a vegetarian diet, take the necessary steps to veganism.

On the other hand, for those who aren’t sure they’re up to the challenge of veganism, a “weekend vegan” schedule might work. (Of course, for the die-hards, just jumping right into veganism might work, too.)

‘Weekend vegans’ begin their vegan diet at 5pm Friday and, all day Saturday and Sunday. There’s NO CHEATING for the weekend vegan; they’re serious about their purpose, which is to ultimately become full-fledged vegans. In fact, eventually, the weekend vegan will incorporate a Monday or Friday into their schedule, then another day of the week, until they’re totally vegan — SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.

As I mentioned, weekend vegans are “serious about their purpose.” So ask yourself “Why would I want to be vegan?” Is it the latest trend that you’re following? Do you know the health benefits associated with veganism? Are you against cruelty to animals? Exactly WHY are you interested in becoming vegan? Once you can answer these questions, you may find it much easier to make the transition.

I’m Chef KESS

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