Welcome to National Vegetarian Month!

Veggies make it all better!

  Veggies make it all better!

It’s a great day anytime we can feature the benefits of eating more veggies. Hence “National Vegetarian Month.” In fact, today, Oct 1st, is known as World Vegetarian Day. Why? Because as we’ve become a more civilized, technologically-advanced, medically-sophisticated society, we’ve also become much more lax in our physical awareness. As a result, humanity has become severely unbalanced in its physical health.

Think about it: there are more obese CHILDREN in the U.S. today than ever…all the while across the globe children are dying every single day due to lack of nutrition. So what’s happening here? We need to go back to basics. And one of the very basics of humanity is FOOD.

So what does this all mean? Simply this: if we’re going back to basic foods, we cannot ignore the benefits of vegetables. That said, throughout the month of October (while I’ll ALWAYS promote a vegan lifestyle), I’ll toss in some vegetarian dietary ideas as well. It’s all a part of my “This Too Is Vegan!” campaign, which will culminate in November with National Vegan Month.

As a side note: we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a “shout out” to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which also begins today. How appropriate: Breast Cancer awareness in the same month at Vegetarian. Coincidence? I think not. [Insert your own thinking abilities here.]

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