Catching up with Susan

If you’ve read “Susan’s Story” (see link above) you know that she’s stepping out on faith on the veganism front. Today we follow her journey and give her some insight to help her succeed.

Susan’s email:
“Hello again, Chef! I admit it’s been a struggle for me because I don’t have a lot of money to spend on the things I feel I need to go full vegan yet, so I had to ‘cheat’ a little. But I’m more concerned with my diabetes. I have to keep up with my protein and I’m not sure how to go about that. What can I eat to get in my protein without ‘cheating’ again?”

My reply:
Hi Susan. First: Congratulations for not giving up! That’s the first thing we must remember: yes, it can be challenging, but with any change in diet, perseverance is key. I won’t go as far as saying that cheating is good, but the bright side is that you can start all over. So with that said, let’s get some ideas for you to incorporate more protein in your diet – to end that cheating for good.

Quinoa in its natural state

Quinoa in its natural state

Quinoa is a crop (somewhat like grain) that’s filled with protein.

Quinoa cooked

Quinoa cooked

I’ll post quinoa recipes at a later date, but in the meantime look online (reputable sites!) and you’ll find some delicious dishes that will keep you coming back for more. But there’s also beans (pinto, black, kidney, lima, etc.), lentils, soybeans, and more. And don’t forget good old-fashioned peanut butter!

Truth is, Susan, that while traditional dieters focus solely on meats, there are a LOT of natural foods that are filled with as much protein as you’d find in a steak.. Just one of these is a half a cup of beans! The added benefit with the beans of course is that you also get your daily intake of fiber, which means you’ll feel full and satisfied.

Susan, this is just the beginning of a lifelong journey for you. And I’ll be here every step of way. For now, just focus on ONE thing to improve your diet, and the rest will fall into place.

‘Til next time…

I’m Chef KESS



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