Celebrity vegan chef kicks off campaign in lieu of November’s National Vegan Month


The Philadelphia-based chef, who has prepared meals for Russell Simmons, Erykah Badu, and other notable figures, will bring awareness to the benefits of veganism


PRLog (Press Release)
Sep. 26, 2013PHILADELPHIAPhiladelphia-based celebrity vegan Chef KESS (nee Kurt E. Smith) officially kicks off his ‘vegan awareness’ campaign in hopes of bringing awareness to the benefits for living a vegan lifestyle. Titled “This Too Is Vegan,” the campaign will emphasize the long-term benefits of adapting a vegan lifestyle. The name is a tongue-in-cheek response to those who believe that plant-based foods are tasteless and boring.

“I often hear, ‘I don’t like vegan because it has no taste,’ or worse still, ‘Vegan tastes like cardboard,’ which couldn’t be further from the truth. When prepared correctly, vegan foods are comparable to meat-based dishes, but much healthier.”

He ought to know: Chef KESS, who is an in-demand culinary vegan expert, prepares foods for well-known clientele, as well as corporate clients from both the east and west coasts. He is also a lifelong vegan due to health issues as a child, which became obsolete once he made the adjustment to veganism.

For Chef KESS, the campaign is no mere gimmick, but a complete lifestyle. And he’s not alone: there are nearly 12 million vegetarians and vegans in North America alone. However, adapting to the change can have drawbacks if not done correctly.

“Each year, more and more folks jump into vegetarian or veganism without a plan. But it’s important to prepare your mind and body for the transition. That’s where I come in. I focus on making a healthy transition to a new lifestyle.

“It’s important to note that veganism isn’t some fad or trend; it’s a beneficial way of life.”

To learn more about making a smooth transition into veganism, follow Chef KESS’ blog at: (


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