…and still more grains!

In my previous post, we discussed the benefits of using grains as a regular part of our daily diet. In this post we continue with an additional FIVE GREAT GRAINS that you’ll want to include as well.

Bon appetite!


1. Bulgur: A traditional Arab grain, bulgur is used to prepare tabbouleh salad. Often considered cracked wheat, this partially cooked grain comes in various sizes and can be purchased in a small- or medium-coarse grind.

2. Kamut: This wheat grain from Egypt is rather large and should be soaked ahead of time, which helps to reduce preparation time.

3. Amaranth: I consider this grain to be multi-platinum. It comes from the Incas (a region in Peru) and due to its Lysine content (which is an essential amino acid), it is also a great gluten-free source of protein. Amaranth is great for baking or preparing hot cereals.

4. Teff: A wonderful grain! When cooked properly, teff offers a sweet, pleasant flavor. It can be used as a gelatin, or for baking breads and other foods.

5. Barley: Widely known in the western regions of the world, barley is used in soups, pilafs, and cereals. Some forms of barley may contain less nutritional value due to the outer layers being removed. Keep in mind: unrefined barley is most beneficial.

So there you have it: ten GREAT affordable grains that will benefit your body as well as your wallet.
Do YOU have a favorite? If so, send me an email and let me know which grain is your favorite and why. My email is celebchefkess@gmail.com.

Until next time,

I’m Chef KESS


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