Congratulations, Susan!

So…why am I congratulating Susan? Well if you read her story (see “Susan’s Story” at the tab above), you know that Susan began her journey on Sept 1st. And while it’s way too soon to tell what the outcome will be we’re just sending a note of encouragement Susan’s way.

Here’s what she had to say in her recent email to me:
“Dear Chef KESS,
I know it’s just been a day or so, but I wanted to tell you that I really stuck to my guns today. I had NO MEAT WHATSOEVER, and in fact, went to the grocery store to pick up some veggie burgers. I know this might not sound like a big deal to you, but YOU DO REALIZE IT WAS LABOR DAY, RIGHT?! That means PICNICS, HOT DOGS, CHEESEBURGERS, RIBS – all the succulent no-nos I decided to give up for the next several weeks.

Anyway, thanks for inspiring me to take better care of me.

Yours very truly, Susan”


Susan, thank YOU for trusting me with helping you on your vegan journey. It must have been hard turning down all those ‘no’no’ foods – but you did it. AND SURVIVED! And therein  lies the key: you’re willing to try. That’s all that’s required. Keep up the great work, remember to HYDRATE throughout the day (which helps release the toxins from your body while you replace them with healthy nutrients), and keep us posted.

Great things will come to you, Susan. And remember: YOU DESERVE THEM ALL!

Sincerely ~ Chef KESS

  1. Shinar said:


  2. Shani H. said:

    Congrats Chef Kess on your Blog! I like and will check in on the regular.

    • Thanks so much, Shani. Appreciate the support! And if you have any questions or comments regarding the vegan lifestyle, feel free to reach out to me. I’m here to serve. ~ Chef KESS / iVegan!

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