…why I’ve been “MIA”…

Hello all!

Some of you have contacted me personally, asking when I’d start posting again. Ok, so here’s the rub (…heard that in a movie once and always wanted to say it):

As I continue to cater, run my business, encourage others in their quests for improved health, I sometimes have to weigh which tasks are more important. Well, as much as I LOVE this blog, I JUST HAVE TO SOMETIMES HUNKER DOWN AND GET THE WORK DONE and unfortunately that might mean not posting for awhile.

But don’t fret! I am now back on track and am pushing ahead with new and exciting endeavors. That said, one of the bigger tasks I’ve been working on during the past several weeks is my upcoming YouTube channel which will feature ME preparing some delectable dishes so that YOU can enjoy even MORE mouth-watering vegan dishes.

YouTube, baby!

YouTube, baby!

So please be patient with me as we delve into a new and exciting direction that will benefit us all

I’m Chef KESS.iVegan!

1 comment
  1. Looking forward to the YouTube channel with the CHEF! Keep going with your blog though. Your thoughts are interesting!

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